How Many Products Does Walmart Grocery sell? – July 2018

Walmart, the largest U.S. grocer, is now making shopping easier with its same-day delivery service called Walmart Grocery

Customers can visit Walmart Grocery on their website or download the Walmart Grocery app to order items for self-pickup or delivery. The delivery service claims to be as fast as three hours, but requires a minimum purchase amount of $30. 

According to the data we retrieved, Walmart Grocery sells 46,076,094 products across 921 Walmart stores in the U.S. as of July 6, 2018.

Total stores with Walmart Grocery: 921 

Stores by State

Walmart Grocery service is available in 678 cities.

Texas tops the list with 145 stores and is followed by Florida and North Carolina.

The bar chart below shows the number of Walmart stores that offer online delivery services by state:


Store Types

Walmart offers 5 different types of stores that offer Walmart Grocery:

  1. Walmart Discount Stores
  2. Walmart Supercenter
  3. Neighborhood Market
  4. Walmart Pickup
  5. Walmart Pickup with Fuel

Below is an interactive chart showing the number of store types in each state with online shopping facility:

The backbone of Walmart Grocery, the Walmart Supercenter has the widest selection of groceries and provides most of the products for delivery services.

Self-pickup facility is available at stores between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Orders placed are dispatched in slots depending on the time of order. Convenience stores called Walmart Pickup and Fuel also offer same-day pickup for groceries ordered online. Currently, there is just one outlet that facilitates this service, but if extended they could grow fast thanks to the small size of the stores and parking lots.

Category vs Number of Products

Walmart Grocery has a total of 46.1 million products across 921 stores that offer same-day delivery. Amazon’s online grocery delivery service Prime Now only has an average of 900k products across 32 cities.

Here is a bar chart showing the 23 categories available at Walmart Grocery:



It was surprising to see the category ‘Beauty & Healthcare’ with the highest number of products. Walmart is stocking up its shelves with an assortment of private beauty brands at an affordable price to keep up with the new items landing in the market.

Walmart Grocery vs Amazon Prime Now

The expansion of Walmart’s Grocery marks the culmination of years of technology investment, store remodeling and partnering up with delivery services. Walmart has been testing grocery delivery for quite some time now, slowly opening up in few markets at a time. Being the largest grocer makes this service more affordable to Walmart than its rivals, which is a key edge to its business expansion plans.

While comparing product numbers, Walmart Grocery has a clear win over Amazon Prime Now. The chart below shows a comparison between the total number of products available at Walmart Grocery and Amazon Prime Now:


It looks like Walmart has made a major jump compared to Amazon Inc. and is advancing its efforts with a new level of urgency to gain more customers. Amazon Prime Now, which debuted in 2014 in New York City and expanded to 32 cities by 2017, provides free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods in four cities, as part of its annual $99 Prime subscription.

Amazon could be the biggest online consumer site but when it comes to groceries, Walmart is anticipated to maintain a clear lead.

Number of Stores across the U.S.

Walmart provides online grocery services to 47 states, with a majority of its stores placed in the east coast. The only states where Walmart Grocery hasn’t started  yet are Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming. 


The image above is a color map of the number of store locations in each state.

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