Why ScrapeHero is the Best Web Scraping Service in 2024

Things that make ScrapeHero stand out from the rest.

At a time when everything is turning digital, people are relying on web scraping more than ever. The internet is abundant with data, and if used correctly, it can be massively beneficial for business growth.

While it is possible to scrape data on your own, it is best to outsource to a web scraping service like ScrapeHero, especially if web scraping is not your primary business. This will save you the time to focus on your core business and also ensure error-free data to work on.

Many web crawling service providers are available today, but finding the one that best suits your requirements and stays within your budget is not unchallenging. Continue reading to see how ScrapeHero is the best web scraping service available in 2024.

Key Features of ScrapeHero

ScrapeHero is a well-known name in the field of web scraping and is considered to be one of the top three web scraping service providers in the world. Discussed below are some of the major features of ScrapeHero web scraping service provider.

An infographic enumerating the major features of ScrapeHero

Vast Experience

Experience is a major factor to consider when deciding to handover an important task. ScrapeHero is a web data scraping service with more than a decade of experience in the field. We have experience in handling complex scraping tasks and have earned the trust of some of the most successful companies around the world. Our customers range from the largest global companies and household brands to midsize businesses and startups just getting started.

Ability to Scale

Scalability in web scraping refers to a system’s ability to handle increasing amounts of data and complexity. It’s crucial because web scraping projects can easily grow in size.

Imagine starting by scraping data from a few dozen local restaurants. As your project expands to cover a whole city, or even nationwide, a non-scalable system would struggle to keep up. It might become slow, crash, or miss important data points. But ScrapeHero has a scalable system in place, ensuring we can efficiently handle large datasets and growing demands easily.

ScrapeHero’s well-designed infrastructure also helps scale our operations. We can adjust resources like bandwidth and processing power to accommodate the fluctuating scraping needs of different clients.

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The Best Web Crawling Infrastructure

Web crawling infrastructure is the backbone of a data extraction service provider. ScrapHero’s robust crawling infrastructure ensures efficient data collection and processing, handling high volumes without compromising speed or accuracy.

  • We are capable of crawling the web at thousands of pages per second and extracting data from millions of web pages daily.
  • Our global infrastructure makes large-scale data extraction easy and painless by handling complex JavaScript/AJAX sites, CAPTCHA, and IP blacklisting transparently.
  • ScrapeHero has self-healing technology to automatically adjust to website changes that might otherwise disrupt scraping. This ensures continued data collection even if websites undergo layout or content modifications.
  • We have a vast network of browsers to handle complex websites that might require advanced rendering or execution of JavaScript code.


Web scraping services help extract valuable data from websites, but a one-size-fits-all approach most often proves inefficient.

  • Targeting Your Needs: Every website is unique, and the data you need will vary. We tailor the scraping process to your specific target website and the data points you’re interested in. This ensures you get the exact information you need, not a generic dump of irrelevant data.
  • Handling Complexity: Modern websites are often intricate, with dynamic content and complex coding. A custom web scraping service provider like ScrapeHero can handle these challenges by adjusting scraping methods to navigate the intricate page structures.
  • Flexibility for Different Projects: Your data needs might evolve over time. ScrapeHero allows you to adjust the scraping process as needed. You can target new websites, extract different data points, or modify the way data is formatted. This ensures that the service continues to meet your evolving needs.

Web scraping is often considered a grey area because of the lack of awareness regarding web scraping laws. Web scraping is legal when done by complying with the rules and regulations in place.

ScrapeHero is a compliant web scraping service provider, and we follow a responsible approach to web scraping. We understand that scraping ethically and legally is not just about avoiding trouble, it’s about building a sustainable and responsible data collection practice.

What Makes ScrapeHero Stand Out as the Best Web Scraping Service

Web scraping service providers are plenty, but finding out the best web scraping service is the challenge. Listed below are the features that make ScrapeHero stand out from the rest of the service providers.

listing the features that make ScrapeHero, one of the best web scraping services

Reasonable Pricing

ScrapeHero’s prices are reasonable for the service we offer. Based on factors like frequency of data gathering, number of sites, number of pages, site complexity, etc., we offer different plans with differing prices.

We offer an affordable On Demand plan for those with only a single-time data requirement. Our monthly subscription plans provide the cheapest per-unit pricing. This includes all the costs associated with the data gathering – i.e. servers, bandwidth, proxy costs, etc. It also includes monitoring for website structure changes and handling the most common changes. Also included are the data quality checks we perform and the support we provide.

If you are still determining the viability of a concept or idea, we also run Pilot projects bound by cost, time, and deliverables.

No Long-Term Contract

ScrapeHero understands that your web scraping needs might change. With no long-term contract, you’re free to adjust your plan or stop using the service entirely whenever you want without any penalty.

This means you only pay for what you use each month. It’s a good way to manage your budget and avoid getting locked into a service you might not need in the long run.

Web Data Integration

ScrapeHero takes the hassle out of web data collection. We design a complete system to ensure that the extracted data flows seamlessly from the Internet to your business applications.

We connect our WDI (Web Data Integration) system to the software programs your company already uses. This saves time and also ensures that you readily have the most up-to-date information.

ScrapeHero can also connect seamlessly with popular cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Customer Privacy

ScrapeHero takes user privacy very seriously, and our policy regarding customer and employee information reflects that commitment.

ScrapeHero understands that some companies might not want their web scraping activities to be public knowledge. By not using customer names, logos, or testimonials on our website, we ensure client confidentiality.

Data Quality

We believe that high quality can be delivered at affordable costs and strive to do the same. We have employed automated data quality checks that utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify any possible data quality issues across the millions of pages we extract every day. This is done without incurring any extra cost from our customers.

We also have thousands of automated alerts in place that are monitored daily to avoid disruption to data delivery. These alerts also keep track of any change in data, quality, or website structure.

Quick Response Time

ScrapeHero prioritizes fast and helpful customer service. When you reach out to ScrapeHero about your web scraping project, we will connect with you within minutes of your request. We will discuss your needs and provide a quote with no obligation or pressure then.

In case, as a customer, you encounter any doubts or difficult situations, we guarantee a response from our team in less than an hour. This ensures you don’t get stuck waiting for answers and can keep your project moving forward.

Competitive Replacement Program

We offer a competitive replacement program for those who are already using a web data scraping service but are unhappy with the service or are just looking for a better solution. We offer this service because we understand navigating the web scraping service providers is hard, and you may not land the service that best suits you the first time.

This switch to a better web scraping service provider like ScrapeHero comes with discounted pricing, improved service, and data quality. We also assign a project manager to your larger projects to ensure a smooth transition.

What Our Customer Base Says About Us

ScrapeHero is an established name in the field of web scraping services and is the trusted web scraping data partner for many businesses. Here’s what our customer base says about us:

Large Number of Customers

Most of the world’s largest companies trust ScrapeHero to gather data. We have a whopping 111000+ customers who range from the largest global companies and household brands to midsize businesses and startups.

Here is a select sample of our customer profiles represented in a manner to respect their privacy:

  • Top 5 Global Financial Corporations
  • Top 5 US Healthcare Companies
  • Top 5 Global FMCG Conglomerates
  • Top 5 Global Retailers
  • Top 5 Global Management Consulting Companies
  • Big 4 Accounting Firms
  • Top 5 Global Hotel Chains
  • Top 5 Global Energy Companies
  • Top 5 Global Media Companies

High Client Retention Rate

Client retention says a lot about the trust that customers have in the data extraction service. We have an industry-leading customer retention rate of 98%. This high retention simply means that ScrapeHero consistently delivers successful outcomes for our clients. We are not just a one-time solution most often; our clients build long-term relationships with us by choosing us over and over.

Thus by choosing ScrapeHero, you’re choosing a company with a proven ability to keep clients happy. This reduces the risk of you investing in a service that doesn’t meet your needs.

Choosing the Best Web Scraping Service

While web scraping has proven itself to be the best technique to navigate the data on the internet, navigating through the many service providers to land on the best web scraping service is often a difficult task.

ScrapeHero stands out from the rest by offering a custom web scraping service that is trusted by many. With over a decade of experience and a robust infrastructure, we have become a well-established name in the field.

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