Number of Whole Foods in USA – 2021 Store Location Analysis

Whole Foods has 503 stores in the US (as of Feb 2021). The supermarket chain is popularly known for its products free of artificial colors and flavors focusing on organic selections.  After the acquisition by Amazon in 2017, Whole Foods has been expanding faster. 

Insights in Brief

  • There are a total of 503 Whole Food stores in the US (Feb 2021)
  • California is the state with the highest number of stores (92).
  • The city with the most Whole Foods stores is in Chicago (12).

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Map of Whole Foods store locations across the US

Amazon’s biggest disadvantage in groceries even with Whole Foods Market locations in the US, is that its store footprint significantly lags its rivals. Even with the organic grocery chain, Amazon only has a tenth of the domestic stores that Walmart has, and it falls behind Target as well. Compared to Costco, Whole Foods has nearly as many stores but Costco stores are three times the size of the average Whole Foods, meaning the warehouse chain has a much larger footprint.

Whole Foods started as a company with 19 employees and 10,500 sq ft with the idea of bringing organic food to stores.

Number of Whole Foods Stores in the US by State

California leads with 92 Whole Foods Stores, followed by Texas (36) and Massachusetts (33).

The chart below shows the top 10 states with the highest number of Whole Foods Market stores:

Number of Whole Foods Stores in the US by City

Whole Foods is located in 349 cities and Chicago with12 stores leads as the city with the highest number of Whole Foods stores.

Even though California is the state with the most number of stores, the top 3 cities are Chicago, New York, and Houston.

How Whole Foods is Handling Covid?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, stores and restaurants are maintaining and expanding their safety policies. Many stores are requiring face masks for customers, and Whole Foods is one of them. In fact, Whole Foods provided free masks to shoppers back in May 2020.

Covid also saw consumers move from in store shopping to online shopping and this led to Whole Foods converting a few of their stores to online only stores. In addition, shoppers also started choosing curbside pick up options when it came to grocery shopping. However, as of June last year, only 32% of Whole Foods stores offered curbside or in store pick up options.

Amazon Services Offered at Whole Foods Locations

Whole Foods offers a number of Amazon related services to their customers through their stores such as- 

Amazon Grocery Delivery & Pickup

Amazon offers free two-hour delivery and one-hour pickup of Whole Foods Market items with a Prime membership at 473 Whole Foods locations.

Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Locker is a secure, self-service kiosk that allows customers to pick up packages at a time convenient for them. The Amazon lockers service is available at 456 Whole Foods supermarkets.

Amazon Returns

Amazon offers a return option at 453 Whole Foods Market stores across the country.  A box-free, label-free return option is available where customers can bring the item and QR code generated after creating a return. Returns are also available at Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, and Amazon Books.

Eateries and Bars

Whole Foods has in-store fast-casual eateries available at all of its locations. Along with an expansive selection of foods and beverages. Whole Foods also offer community and wellness events and a ‘food hall experience’ with distinct menus and curated selections of locally sourced beer and wine.

Future Trends at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is ahead of its game during this pandemic, the company even introduced what new foods consumers will be eating and drinking in 2021. Whole Foods anticipates a shift for 2021 where people will take more time in their meals, experimenting with new takes on sauces, spices, and pasta. Center store innovation will introduce products that capture consumer attention. Upcycling will also be in swing, with consumer interest in having a positive impact on the environment.

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