Walmart earnings disappoint – how to catch up with Amazon

Walmart announced disappointing earnings yesterday and the stock plummeted.

The company executives would like the market to give them the same leeway they give Amazon (which barely makes any money). The company executives are probably frustrated that the market is not treating them like Amazon.

Walmart’s management made it clear it is hell-bent to catch up in e-commerce sales. In order to do this it will make a hefty investment in technology. Currently, online sales amount to about $12 billion, less than 3% of total sales.

At this low rate of 3% of total sales coming from eCommerce, it does have a long way to go to become a powerhouse in the eCommerce world.Further, our periodic analysis has shown that has a long long way to go before catching up to Amazon as is written here and here. sells 4,417,344 products as of Sep 30 2015 out of which most products are NOT sold from Walmart itself. If you drill down further into just products sold “Only at Walmart” the number is far lower 4,764 products ! sells 467,264,472 products as of Sep 30 2015. still sells only 0.94% of the products Amazon sells

The analysts and the market are definitely not wrong in treating Walmart differently from Amazon – the numbers above are clear is NO


Theresa Ward November 3, 2015

How many of the 467,264,472 items offers online are actually sold by Amazon? That comparison would be helpful.

    scrapehero November 3, 2015

    Amazon sold and fulfilled products change dynamically based on inventory.
    A good proxy to this number would be to see how many products are “Prime eligible”.
    As of now this number is 34,349,148 products out of the 490 million products.
    Hope that helps

    scrapehero November 3, 2015

    In case you are interested in Amazon Pantry items only – please see this recent post

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