The best web scraping service

This is an open thread and the goal is to solicit comments on what the best web scraping service may look like.

Please go ahead a type away and write down the ideas or requirements you think would define the best web scraping service or data scraping service.

No ideas or comments are bad – the outrageous ideas will help drive innovation in this space and what might be considered unachievable today may end up being implemented by someone in the near future.

To get your creative juices flowing let’s add some of our own wishes

  • Fully automated
  • Self-learning
  • Machine learning-based
  • Understands context
  • Understand semantics
  • Understands and Interprets language
  • Extracts data from free form text
  • Understands images natively
  • Extracts data from Audio
  • Handles Video and extracts data from video
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Self aware
  • Finds data sources
  • Ranks data sources for quality
  • Anticipates need

What are you waiting for – go ahead and get started

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