Super Bowl 50 – Sentiment analysis of #SuperBowlSunday

We decided to take a look at Twitter for the Super Bowl 50 between the Panthers and the Broncos and monitor the hashtag #SuperBowlSunday, before during and after the game.

We monitored 33,000 tweets and they came from 27,433 unique users, so obviously we had some users who were really into it and a lot of others that just wanted to jump on the hashtag bandwagon (hey who can blame them – get some publicity and hopefully drive some traffic back to the snakeoil they are selling 😉 )

The overall sentiment of the tweets was positive or neutral with a smaller percentage being negative.

Here is a quick picture from our own monitoring dashboard


A sizable majority was rooting for the Broncos as you can see from the pie chart on the right. While making this chart, we eliminated the people who mentioned both teams – you know the people who like to be politically correct or really don’t know much about the teams or the game – or the Patriots fans !

Boos for Tom Brady aside, (maybe there was a #Boo hashtag – sorry we didn’t monitor that hashtag) what happened at the end of the game was very surprising and in the words of the viral posts that seem to follow you all over the internet “You wont imagine what happened next …”

Here is a picture of the sentiment around the end of the game

1454902440 (Medium)

Surprise – the sentiment turned very negative !

And no surprise – Broncos overwhelmed the mentions over the Panthers.

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