Scrape Soccer Betting odds from any League in OddsPortal Using Chrome

Sports betting websites analyze a lot of historical data from previous games and monitor the overall performance of the teams to provide better odds. The betting industry is a multi-billion dollar business and is growing at a rapid pace., is a betting aggregator website which allows you to compare odds from multiple betting websites for a variety of sports. Gathering this data will allow you to monitor odds offered by different websites and help make a more accurate decision for regular as well as peer-to-peer betting which is gaining popularity and is expected to be the future of gambling.

Using Web Scraper Chrome Extension, this tutorial will show you how to extract betting odds for any soccer league in the world from This scraper will extract the match name, date and time, top bookmakers and the odds of a draw, home and away win for all matches in a particular league.

What data are we extracting?

  1. Bookmakers
  2. Home Odds
  3. Draw Odds
  4. Away Odds
  5. Payout
  6. Date
  7. Time



  • Google Chrome Browser– You will need to download the Chrome browser. The extension requires Chrome 49+.
  • Web Scraper Chrome Extension –The Web Scraper extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.  After downloading the extension you will see a spider icon in your browser toolbar.

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Obtaining the URL

Here are steps to choose the sports and league you would like to scrape:

  1. Select the sport (Soccer). A list of countries will drop down.
  2. Click on the country (England) and the league (Premier League) you want.
  3. A new tab will open with the list of matches along with their corresponding bookmakers and odds.


Import Scraper

After you have installed the extension right-click anywhere on a page, go to ‘Inspect’ and the Developer Tools console will pop up. Click on the tab ‘Web Scraper’ and go on to the ‘Create new sitemap’ button and click on the ‘Import sitemap’ option. Now paste the JSON below into the Sitemap JSON box.

Copy the JSON above and import into Web Scraper Extension. You can also copy it from Github –

Run the Scraper

To start scraping, go to the Sitemap and click ‘Scrape’ from the drop down. A new instance of Chrome will launch, enabling the extension to scroll and grab the data. Once the scrape is complete, the browser will close automatically and send a notification.

Download the Data

To download the scraped data as a CSV file that you can open in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, go to the Sitemap drop down > Export as CSV > Download Now.

Other sports

If you would like us to provide a tutorial for a sport you follow, please write a comment below.

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Emeka Egbuna May 10, 2019

Hi, Thanks for the product and tutorial. Very helpful. I have a question regarding the JSON. How do I modify the “”startUrl” line if I have multiple pages to scrape data from? For example the url below is for page 1 to 3.

Thanks once again and looking forward to your response.


    ScrapeHero May 11, 2019

    You should open the sitemap in Web Scraper Extension in developer toolbar. Then go to Sitemap , click on it to drop down a menu and click on Edit Metadata. You should see an input box which says Start URL, and – + buttons to its far right. Click on + to have another input box for the next start URL. Add as many URLs as you want.

    Alternatively take a look at ScrapeHero Cloud, if you need to do this automatically every day or so, and have the data uploaded to your dropbox.


Alejandro May 31, 2019

Hello. It was really useful. I’m cheking the code and I do not know if it is eay to scrap double chance odds ( DC ). By default, the program scraps only the main page in each match in 1X2 market. I am trying to do the same with DC market. Is it complicated for a noob or can I do this simply editing some code lines?

Thank you so much and I am looking forward your response.


Laurynas October 19, 2019

Hey, thank you for the tutorial and everything. I see that this JSON sitemap extracts bookmakers, odds, time, date and payouts. But how could I extend this sitemap to extract final result of the match? I really need this… Thank you for everything!


Tim Sheehan November 20, 2019

No need to scrape the payout… just sum the reciprocals of the 3 odds, then take the reciprocal of the result.


Daniel Stoica January 12, 2020

please help! how to scrape double chance and how to add HT / FT result!!!???
thanks, Daniel


NIKOS January 15, 2020

Hello guys. I have a question,if i want to scrape the details of all matches of a day without a league specific for example all the matches of 20/1/2020 and not a specific league what should i have to do with the JSON?


Damien Costa January 26, 2020


Thank you very much for this example. But i would like to know how to scrap odds opening ?

Thank you for your answer 🙂


Manuel April 4, 2020


I have already managed to obtain the data 1X2 (Full Time) in OddsPortal of several championships.
For that, I am very grateful for your work.
I would like to ask for help to obtain 1st Half data 1X2.
It will be possible?

Many Thanks in advance,


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