Our Delivery Process

1. Requirements

Once you reach out to us, we will collect your requirements by asking a few simple questions such as the data sources, frequency of data gathering and any custom processing that you might need.

2. Quote and Payment

We will review your requirements and send you a quote. Our pricing depends on the complexity of the source websites and the number of pages we scrape. Once you are okay with the pricing, we email you an electronic invoice that is easily payable online using any major credit card or US Bank.


3. Setup and Sample Data

Once the payment is made, our automated workflow process kicks in. We will start creating custom scrapers for multiple types of pages on the site. Once the scrapers are built we will collect a sample data set and send it you for your approval.


4. Sample data approval

If you require changes to the sample data set, we will make the changes and send you another sample. This may include changes to the data format, creating calculated fields, adjusting how some fields are parsed, etc. Typically, 5 iterations or less are sufficient for a majority of our projects to finalize the data format.

5. Full data gathering

Once you approve the sample data, we will start collecting the full data. The scrapers will run in our advanced and highly distributed data collection platform reaching speeds of thousands of pages per second depending upon the source website.

6. Quality Checks and Alerts

We will create tests for validating each record, perform spot checks on the dataset and set up QA checks to monitor the scraper’s meta data such as the number of pages it crawls, response codes etc. We invest heavily in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve the detection of problems and provide you tremendous benefits for no additional cost compared to a provider that just bills for time and people.

7. Data Delivery

After verifying the data quality through our rigorous QA process, we deliver clean usable data to you in the format you had approved. Depending on your use case, we will work with you to connect our existing integrations with your accounts. We can upload data to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Box.com or FTP Servers.

8. Recurring Data Delivery

If you need the data on a recurring basis, we create one or more schedules in our advanced fault tolerant scheduler, that ensures the data is gathered reliably.

9. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance as part of our subscription plans. Scraper maintenance is also an integral part of our subscription service. We have built in health checks that alert us as a website’s structure changes so that we can make the changes and minimize the disruption to the data delivery.

Turn the Internet into meaningful, structured and usable data