Number of McDonald's stores in the United Kingdom in 2022

December 09, 2022

How many McDonald's stores are there in the United Kingdom?

There are 1,382 McDonald's stores in the United Kingdom as of December 09, 2022. The country with the most number of McDonald's locations in the UK is England, with 1,172 stores, which is about 85% of all McDonald's stores in the UK.


How can I download a list of McDonald's stores in the United Kingdom into Excel?

You can download the complete list of 1,382 McDonald's locations data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers and open hours from our data store.

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Top 6 Countrys with the most McDonald's stores


1,172 (85%)

A store for every 48,026 people, in England with about 85% of the total number of McDonald's stores


109 (8%)

A store for every 50,119 people, in Scotland with about 8% of the total number of McDonald's stores


71 (5%)

A store for every 44,408 people, in Wales with about 5% of the total number of McDonald's stores

Country Number of stores Population Population per store
England 1,172 (85%) 56.29M 48.03K
Scotland 109 (8%) 5.46M 50.12K
Wales 71 (5%) 3.15M 44.41K
Northern Ireland 28 (2%) 1.89M 67.64K
Isle of Man (0%) 85.00K 85.00K
Channel Islands (0%) 174.00K 174.00K

There are no countries without McDonald's stores in the United Kingdom

Cities with the most number of McDonald's stores in the United Kingdom

City Country Number of Locations
Glasgow Scotland 17
Liverpool England 17
Birmingham England 17
Leeds England 14
Manchester England 13
Westminster England 13
Edinburgh Scotland 12
Nottingham England 11
Bristol England 11
Southampton England 10

McDonald's vs competitors

Number of locations Number of States Number of cities
McDonald's   vs   Co-op Food 3,906 (+2,524 locations than McDonald's) 6 (Same as McDonald's) 1,188 (+449 cities than McDonald's)
McDonald's   vs   Subway 2,302 (+920 locations than McDonald's) 4 ( -2 states than McDonald's) 806 (+67 cities than McDonald's)
McDonald's   vs   Greggs 2,229 (+847 locations than McDonald's) 4 ( -2 states than McDonald's) 1,185 (+446 cities than McDonald's)
McDonald's   vs   Starbucks 1,177 ( -205 locations than McDonald's) 5 ( -1 states than McDonald's) 475 ( -264 cities than McDonald's)
McDonald's   vs   Pizza Hut 548 ( -834 locations than McDonald's) 4 ( -2 states than McDonald's) 238 ( -501 cities than McDonald's)

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Download the complete database of McDonald's Locations in UK

You can download the full list of McDonald's locations used for this analysis from our data store. Here is a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the fields and the data that we provide.

Name Street City Country Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Last Updated Date
Manchester 10 Queens Road Manchester England M8 8UF 0161 205 5009 53.499859 -2.235294 10 Queens Road, Manchester, England, M8 8UF 2022-12-09
Mold - Kin King Street Mold Wales CH7 1LA 01352 759790 53.16933 -3.138364 King Street, Mold, Wales, CH7 1LA 2022-12-09
Wallasey 24/30 Liscard Way Wallasey England CH44 5TP 0151 638 7878 53.419537 -3.043541 24/30 Liscard Way, Wallasey, England, CH44 5TP 2022-12-09
Broughton Broughton Shopping Park Chester Wales CH4 0DP 01244 520423 53.168867 -2.976638 Broughton Shopping Park, Chester, Wales, CH4 0DP 2022-12-09
Ebbw Vale The Walk Ebbw Vale Wales NP23 6AY 01495 301045 51.776583 -3.205808 The Walk, Ebbw Vale, Wales, NP23 6AY 2022-12-09
Aberdeen Venture Way Westhill Scotland AB32 6BQ 01224 741039 57.148615 -2.268303 Venture Way, Westhill, Scotland, AB32 6BQ 2022-12-09
Minworth Asda Minworth Supercentre Minworth England B76 1XL 0121 351 6750 52.532598 -1.780935 Asda Minworth Supercentre, Minworth, England, B76 1XL 2022-12-09
Frome - Sa Wessex Fields Frome England BA11 4DH 01373 474779 51.216169 -2.332091 Wessex Fields, Frome, England, BA11 4DH 2022-12-09
Haslingden 581 Blackburn Road Rossendale England BB5 2SB 01706 831208 53.724899 -2.328023 581 Blackburn Road, Rossendale, England, BB5 2SB 2022-12-09
Hulme 100 Princess Road Manchester England M15 5AS 0161 209 8357 53.46125 -2.2461 100 Princess Road, Manchester, England, M15 5AS 2022-12-09

* Open hours are not displayed here as it is too big to show on a reasonably sized screen.

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