Number of Greggs stores in the United Kingdom in 2022

June 24, 2022

How many Greggs stores are there in the United Kingdom?

There are 2,229 Greggs stores in the United Kingdom as of June 24, 2022. The country with the most number of Greggs locations in the UK is England, with 1,770 stores, which is about 79% of all Greggs stores in the UK.


How can I download a list of Greggs stores in the United Kingdom into Excel?

You can download the complete list of 2,229 Greggs locations data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers and open hours from our data store.

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Top 4 Countrys with the most Greggs stores


1,770 (79%)

A store for every 31,801 people, in England with about 79% of the total number of Greggs stores


270 (12%)

A store for every 20,233 people, in Scotland with about 12% of the total number of Greggs stores


172 (8%)

A store for every 18,331 people, in Wales with about 8% of the total number of Greggs stores

Country Number of stores Population Population per store
England 1,770 (79%) 56.29M 31.80K
Scotland 270 (12%) 5.46M 20.23K
Wales 172 (8%) 3.15M 18.33K
Northern Ireland 17 (1%) 1.89M 111.41K

There are Greggs stores in 4 countries in the United Kingdom

Countries without any Greggs stores

These countries do not have any Greggs stores

  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man

There are 2 countries without Greggs stores in the United Kingdom

Cities with the most number of Greggs stores in the United Kingdom

City Country Number of Locations
Glasgow Scotland 35
London England 31
Edinburgh Scotland 30
Leeds England 27
Liverpool England 23
Manchester England 22
Newcastle Upon Tyne England 21
Birmingham England 20
Cardiff Wales 19
Sheffield England 16

Greggs vs competitors

Number of locations Number of States Number of cities
Greggs   vs   Co-op Food 3,902 (+1,673 locations than Greggs) 6 (+2 states than Greggs) 1,187 (+2 cities than Greggs)
Greggs   vs   Subway 2,277 (+48 locations than Greggs) 4 (Same as Greggs) 801 ( -384 cities than Greggs)
Greggs   vs   McDonald's 1,382 ( -847 locations than Greggs) 6 (+2 states than Greggs) 739 ( -446 cities than Greggs)
Greggs   vs   Starbucks 1,194 ( -1,035 locations than Greggs) 5 (+1 states than Greggs) 477 ( -708 cities than Greggs)
Greggs   vs   Pizza Hut 544 ( -1,685 locations than Greggs) 4 (Same as Greggs) 237 ( -948 cities than Greggs)

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Download the complete database of Greggs Locations in UK

You can download the full list of Greggs locations used for this analysis from our data store. Here is a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the fields and the data that we provide.

Name Street City Country Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Last Updated Date
Chester, Greyhound Rp Chester England CH1 4QG 53.19743624 -2.9156847 Chester, England, CH1 4QG 2022-06-24
Wirral, U2 Croft Rp, Welton Rd 37a Welton Road Bromborough England CH62 3PN 53.34083966 -2.97570886 37a Welton Road, Bromborough, England, CH62 3PN 2022-06-24
Birkenhead, Pavements Sc 44b Borough Pavement Birkenhead England CH41 2ZL 53.38938667 -3.02637988 44b Borough Pavement, Birkenhead, England, CH41 2ZL 2022-06-24
Blakemore Upton 143 Long Lane Chester England CH2 1JF 53.21897876 -2.87807324 143 Long Lane, Chester, England, CH2 1JF 2022-06-24
Dobshill, Chester Rd Chester Road Dobshill Wales CH5 3LZ 53.16414 -3.03929 Chester Road, Dobshill, Wales, CH5 3LZ 2022-06-24
Wallasey, 20 Liscard Way 20 Liscard Way Wallasey England CH44 5TP 53.41968539 -3.04333071 20 Liscard Way, Wallasey, England, CH44 5TP 2022-06-24
Euro Wyfla Chester Road Clwyld Wales CH7 1UE 53.16703441 -3.13401983 Chester Road, Clwyld, Wales, CH7 1UE 2022-06-24
Euro Deesside Parkway Deeside Industrial Estate Wales CH5 2NN 53.23209998 -3.00686739 Parkway, Deeside Industrial Estate, Wales, CH5 2NN 2022-06-24
Moreton, 243 Hoylake Rd 243 Hoylake Road Moreton England CH46 0PF 53.40078153 -3.1130033 243 Hoylake Road, Moreton, England, CH46 0PF 2022-06-24
Ellesmere Port, 29 Marina Dr 29 Marina Drive Ellesmere Port England CH65 0AL 53.27864055 -2.90080258 29 Marina Drive, Ellesmere Port, England, CH65 0AL 2022-06-24

* Open hours are not displayed here as it is too big to show on a reasonably sized screen.

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