Analyzing Top Online Brands in the Apparel Industry

To gain some insights into the top online brands in fashion and clothing stores, we analyzed about 45k products from some of the top brands with an online store – Nike, Ralph Lauren, Gap (Old Navy, Banana Republic) and Levi Strauss

Top Online Brands – Gender vs. Number of Products

Looking at the number of items available for each gender and age based classification – Men and Women have more than one-third of the total number products, with men having a slightly higher number of items available. Baby has the lowest count of 3,467 products. Well, this is almost obvious. 



Taking a look at each website and the number of products in each of these classifications:


It is evident that Gap makes more products for Women while Nike and Ralph Lauren make more products for Men. Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Levis have a higher percentage of apparel for Girls, Boys, and Babies, while Nike has almost zero products for Babies.

Category vs. Number of Products

Apparel is the heart of retailing, with more retailers devoted to selling it more than any other merchandise. In the chart below we can see how much importance online sites are giving to clothing, with women having the highest number accessories and men accounting for most of Footwears top online brands.


Website vs. Number of Products

Gap leads with the most number of items, having the highest count present in every gender, with women making up the majority of its items. Although, brands like Nike and Ralph Lauren have more items available for men.


All of these brands make more clothing than accessories and footwear. According to the pie chart below, Levis has nearly all of its items in the clothing category, with Gap following behind.

Even though clothing overshadowed other departments in most retail sites,, which mainly sells athletic wear has more footwear than any other website, composing around 40% of its total items.

Average Regular Price and Sale Price (Category vs. Brand)

We tried to find links between the average regular and sale prices of brands in each retail site. Ralph Lauren comes as the most expensive brand while accessories turn out to be the most expensive category in top online brands.


Although Ralph Lauren has the second largest product portfolio after Gap, its average regular price is quite costly averaging to $209.30! Old Navy, a sister brand of Gap, has the lowest regular prices coming to an average of $20.70.

The brands Hurley, Gap, and Old Navy, come at the bottom three with the most affordable prices ranging between $19-$60 with their sale prices falling between $15-45. Banana Republic, however, sold by is the only brand with prices superior to its other selling brands at an average price of $81 per item.

Average Regular Price and Sale Price (Category vs. Gender)

It’s no doubt women’s products are the priciest with the highest average regular price of $125.50 and average sale price of $101.70. The most expensive category is Women’s accessories at an average of $147.90 per item. Girls have the lowest average regular price being $33.60, with its average sale price at $27.50.


Color vs. Number of Products 

Black is the overwhelming favorite among all genders and is fashionable in every category, with its lowest count found in baby’s department. It’s interesting to see that Women’s is the most diverse representing almost every color. Men and women have an equal number of items with the color black. White, Gray, and Navy have an ample amount in every category.


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