Unicorn jobs – Who’s hiring – Analysis of US jobs by unicorn startups

We looked into the available unicorn job openings across cities in the U.S. 

The unicorns with the highest number of jobs available: Uber, AbbVie, and WeWork compose of nearly half (49%) of the total jobs available.

From the 37 unicorns taken for analysis, only 12 (32%) of them have more than a hundred available job postings.

The biggest unicorn Uber, with a valuation of 70 million have 995 jobs posted on their site, of which 604 listings are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dropbox has posted 109 jobs. But not all unicorns are hiring as much. Klarna, a 2+ billion dollar Swedish startup that provides payment services online only has two postings.

The chart below shows the top 20 cities where the highest count of job openings are available.

California has the largest number of jobs with 2,070 openings. Job openings are concentrated in San Francisco, with 1,179 postings available, with eight cities in California ranking in the top 20 cities where jobs have the highest openings across the US. 

A vast majority of unicorns are still recruiting, but not only want engineers. Uber, for instance, have openings for everything from claims advocates, data scientists, and account executives. Unicorns are becoming more particular about the roles that they are looking to fill in.

Software engineers have the highest demand, with a few openings for marketing, business, and managerial positions.

From the map above it’s pretty clear that openings are high near the east and west coastal regions, especially in states such as New York, California, Washington, and Florida.

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