Pizza Hut Locations – An Analysis

Stores in Texas
Avg Stores per State

Pizza Hut has a total of 7,593 stores in USA as of June 25, 2019. Texas has the largest number of Pizza Hut with 834 stores.


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You can download the complete list of 7,593 Pizza Hut locations used for this analysis, along with address, phone numbers and open hours from our data store.

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Number of Pizza Hut locations by State

Here is map of USA showing the number of Pizza Hut locations in each state

Top 5 States

State Locations
Texas 834
California 682
Florida 502
Ohio 327
Georgia 295

Bottom 5 States

State Locations
District of Columbia 4
Vermont 6
Rhode Island 7
Delaware 11
Alaska 16


There is a Pizza Hut store in every US state

More about Pizza Hut in Texas

of stores are in

Texas has the most number of Pizza Hut store locations with about 11% of stores in USA. With a population of 28M, Texas has one Pizza Hut for every 34,000 people. In Texas the most number of stores are in Houston (9%) followed by San Antonio (6%) and Dallas (4%)

Top 3 States: Texas vs California vs Florida


Population: 28M

834 Stores

A store for every 34,000 people, with 11% of the total number of stores


Population: 40M

682 Stores

A store for every 58,000 people, with 9% of the total number of stores


Population: 21M

502 Stores

A store for every 42,000 people, with 7% of the total number of stores

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You can download the full dataset used for this analysis from our data store.

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