Number of Chipotle store locations in US by state – An analysis

Stores in California
Avg Stores per State

Chipotle has a total of 2,705 stores in USA as of November 15, 2018. California has the largest number of Chipotle with 454 stores.

Number of Chipotle locations by State

Here is map of USA showing the number of Chipotle locations in each state

Top 5 States

State Locations
California 454
Texas 230
Ohio 193
Florida 174
New York 170

Bottom 5 States

State Locations
Vermont 1
South Dakota 1
Mississippi 2
North Dakota 2
Wyoming 2


There are 2 states without any Chipotle

States without any Chipotle locations

Although there is average of 54 stores per state, these states do not have any Chipotle locations

Alaska Hawaii

More about Chipotle in California

of stores are in

California has the most number of Chipotle store locations with about 17% of stores in USA. With a population of 40M, California has one Chipotle for every 87,000 people. In California the most number of stores are in Los Angeles (5%) followed by San Diego (4%) and San Jose (4%)

Top 3 States: California vs Texas vs Ohio


Population: 40M

454 Stores

A store for every 87,000 people, with 17% of the total number of stores


Population: 28M

230 Stores

A store for every 123,000 people, with 9% of the total number of stores


Population: 12M

193 Stores

A store for every 60,000 people, with 7% of the total number of stores

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