Number of Familiprix pharmacies in Canada in 2022

September 30, 2022

How many Familiprix pharmacies are there in Canada?

There are 420 Familiprix pharmacies in Canada as of September 30, 2022. The province with the most number of Familiprix locations in Canada is Quebec, with 411 pharmacies, which is about 98% of all Familiprix pharmacies in Canada.

Provinces and Territories

How can I download a list of Familiprix pharmacies in Canada into Excel?

You can download the complete list of 420 Familiprix locations data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers and open hours from our data store.

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Provinces and Territories without any Familiprix pharmacies

These provinces and territories do not have any Familiprix pharmacies

  • British Columbia
  • Yukon
  • Alberta
  • Nunavut
  • Northwest Territories
  • Saskatchewan
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Manitoba

There are 11 provinces and territories without Familiprix pharmacies in Canada

Cities with the most number of Familiprix pharmacies in Canada

City Province / Territory Number of Locations
Montreal Quebec 35
Quebec Quebec 28
Laval Quebec 13
Levis Quebec 11
Gatineau Quebec 11
Trois-Rivieres Quebec 7
Terrebonne Quebec 7
Sherbrooke Quebec 6
Brossard Quebec 6
Chicoutimi Quebec 5

Download the complete database of Familiprix Locations in Canada

You can download the full list of Familiprix locations used for this analysis from our data store. Here is a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the fields and the data that we provide.

Name Street City Province / Territory Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Country Last Updated Date
Ricardo Remy, Mohamed Ghersi, Xin Wei Xue Et Francois Grondin Boul Provencher Saint-Leonard QC H1R 3N7 514-727-3759 45.58108 -73.610874 Boul Provencher, Saint-Leonard, QC, H1R 3N7 Canada 2022-09-30
Sophie Bonaventure Et Jean-Francois Lafrance Boulevard Adolphe-Chapleau Bois-Des-Filion QC J6Z 1H3 450-818-9334 45.669338 -73.755385 Boulevard Adolphe-Chapleau, Bois-Des-Filion, QC, J6Z 1H3 Canada 2022-09-30
Veronica Arevalo, Anne-Andree L.-Beaudoin Et Marie-Eve Jeannotte Boul St-Luc Suite 20 St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu QC J2W 2A3 450-359-0506 45.356067 -73.298543 Boul St-Luc Suite 20, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC, J2W 2A3 Canada 2022-09-30
Jean-Francois Chapdelaine Boul De La Verandrye Est Gatineau QC J8R 2W8 819-669-1011 45.50112 -75.642508 Boul De La Verandrye Est, Gatineau, QC, J8R 2W8 Canada 2022-09-30
Jean-Francois Pepin Et Joanie Landry Rue St-Joseph Squatec QC G0L 4H0 418-855-2382 47.881438 -68.725974 Rue St-Joseph, Squatec, QC, G0L 4H0 Canada 2022-09-30
Linda Gaudreault Et Yann Gosselin-Gaudreault Boul Dequen Alma QC G8B 5N4 418-662-3408 48.555756 -71.649065 Boul Dequen, Alma, QC, G8B 5N4 Canada 2022-09-30
Catherine Dallaire Et Steve Roy Route 161 Ham-Nord QC G0P 1A0 819-344-2249 45.90106 -71.649254 Route 161, Ham-Nord, QC, G0P 1A0 Canada 2022-09-30
Jean-Pierre Chicha Et Diane Lafontaine Boulevard Du Traversier Pincourt QC J7W 0K8 514-425-5666 45.386273 -73.981931 Boulevard Du Traversier, Pincourt, QC, J7W 0K8 Canada 2022-09-30
Kevin Smyth Rue Principale Ste-Anne-Madawaska NB E7E 1B8 506-445-2275 47.249418 -68.031752 Rue Principale, Ste-Anne-Madawaska, NB, E7E 1B8 Canada 2022-09-30
Marc-Etienne Cloutier, Marc-Antoine Fortin Et David Rousseau Boulevard De Perigny Chambly QC J3L 1W7 450-447-3377 45.446635 -73.289246 Boulevard De Perigny, Chambly, QC, J3L 1W7 Canada 2022-09-30

* Open hours are not displayed here as it is too big to show on a reasonably sized screen.

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We provide all of our data sets as an Excel / CSV file. Please contact us if you need this POI dataset as JSON, Esri Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML (Google Earth) or any other custom format at an additional cost per format.

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