Number of Boots Pharmacy locations in the United Kingdom in 2024

March 12, 2024

How many Boots Pharmacy locations are there in the United Kingdom?

There are 1,969 Boots Pharmacy locations in the United Kingdom as of March 12, 2024. The country with the most number of Boots Pharmacy locations in the UK is England, with 1,535 locations, which is about 78% of all Boots Pharmacy locations in the UK.


How can I download a list of Boots Pharmacy locations in the United Kingdom into Excel?

You can download the complete list of 1,969 Boots Pharmacy locations data as an Excel file, along with geo-coded addresses, phone numbers and open hours from our data store.

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Top 6 Countries with the most Boots Pharmacy locations


1,535 (78%)

A location for every 36,669 people, in England with about 78% of the total number of Boots Pharmacy locations


262 (13%)

A location for every 20,851 people, in Scotland with about 13% of the total number of Boots Pharmacy locations


91 (5%)

A location for every 34,648 people, in Wales with about 5% of the total number of Boots Pharmacy locations

Country Number of locations Population Population per location
England 1,535 (78%) 56.29M 36.67K
Scotland 262 (13%) 5.46M 20.85K
Wales 91 (5%) 3.15M 34.65K
Northern Ireland 73 (4%) 1.89M 25.95K
Channel Islands (0%) 174.00K 24.86K
Isle of Man (0%) 85.00K 85.00K

There are no countries without Boots Pharmacy locations in the United Kingdom

Cities with the most number of Boots Pharmacy locations in the United Kingdom

City Country Number of Locations
London England 121
Glasgow Scotland 51
Leeds England 25
Bristol England 24
Nottingham England 24
Edinburgh Scotland 22
Newcastle Upon Tyne England 21
Birmingham England 21
Manchester England 20
Hull England 20

Download the complete database of Boots Pharmacy Locations in UK

You can download the full list of Boots Pharmacy locations used for this analysis from our data store. Here is a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the fields and the data that we provide.

Name Street City Country Zip Code Phone Latitude Longitude Address Last Updated Date
Swansea Mumbles 133 Mumbles Road Swansea Wales SA3 4DN 01792 366195 51.57478563 -3.99791904 133 Mumbles Road, Swansea, Wales, SA3 4DN 2024-03-12
London Putney 109 High Street 109 Putney High St London England SW15 1SS 020 8788 4345 51.46289997 -0.21580182 109 Putney High St, London, England, SW15 1SS 2024-03-12
Shrewsbury Mytton 37 Mytton Oak Rd Shrewsbury England SY3 8UG 01743 350747 52.70712912 -2.78337657 37 Mytton Oak Rd, Shrewsbury, England, SY3 8UG 2024-03-12
Castle Dougls King Street 97-101 King St Castle Douglas Scotland DG7 1LZ 01556 502003 54.94053148 -3.92935708 97-101 King St, Castle Douglas, Scotland, DG7 1LZ 2024-03-12
Woodgate Valley Stevens Avenue 61 Stevens Ave Birmingham England B32 3SD 0121 426 3773 52.44263247 -1.99143425 61 Stevens Ave, Birmingham, England, B32 3SD 2024-03-12
Solihull Olton 255 Lyndon Rd Solihull England B92 7QP 0121 742 8325 52.44907178 -1.79485314 255 Lyndon Rd, Solihull, England, B92 7QP 2024-03-12
Bromsgrove High Street 78 High Street Bromsgrove England B61 8HD 01527 872056 52.33490489 -2.06038915 78 High Street, Bromsgrove, England, B61 8HD 2024-03-12
Wincanton Health Centre Wincanton Health Centre Wincanton England BA9 9FQ 01963 33235 51.05554199 -2.40588069 Wincanton Health Centre, Wincanton, England, BA9 9FQ 2024-03-12
Great Harwood Queens Street 50 Queen Street Blackburn England BB6 7QQ 01254 884330 53.78599875 -2.40592673 50 Queen Street, Blackburn, England, BB6 7QQ 2024-03-12
Old Colwyn Health Centre 9 Bodelwyddan Avenue Old Colwyn Wales LL29 9NW 01492 515372 53.28793533 -3.69464904 9 Bodelwyddan Avenue, Old Colwyn, Wales, LL29 9NW 2024-03-12

* Open hours are not displayed here as it is too big to show on a reasonably sized screen.

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