How to download and open datasets from the ScrapeHero Store

Option 1: From the website

After successfully completing a purchase of your data, your screen will show all of your Order Details 

  • Order number, date, email, and total

  • Downloads

  • Order details (Product, subtotal, total)

  • Billing address 

You may download the dataset on this screen via the Downloads section using the dark gray Download button. This section will show your Downloads remaining as well as when the data expires. Please keep this date in mind. Since we update all datasets weekly, an expiration date is set for each purchase. Please see Option 2: From your email to learn more about options for accessing the data after the expiration date. 


Clicking the Download button will download the zip file containing your data. 

The zip file will automatically go to the Downloads folder on your computer. The file contains the data in CSV format. You may open the CSV file as-is or via Excel (if Excel is on your computer, the data may automatically load in Excel). 


Please keep in mind that all of our data is, by default, delivered in CSV format. If you would like the data in any other format aside from CSV, please contact us. Please be aware that this will incur a custom dataset charge.


Option 2: From your email 

Please use a valid email address during the checkout process. We send a receipt to the email address entered that you may use as another option to download the data. Please be advised that we only send this receipt as proof of purchase. 

We do not create or send invoices and are unable to do so


We send an email immediately after you complete the order checkout, so if you do not see an email from us, please check your spam folder for any emails from ScrapeHero.


Two emails will arrive simultaneously in your inbox. One, as explained, is a receipt. The other email provides two more options for downloading your data, including a box link that is accessible for up to 30 days after purchase.




Email #1: Your receipt 

Click the link in the Download column. The download process will be similar to that of the download process from the post-payment screen on the website.



Email #2: Download button and a download link 

This email is important to keep in case you are unable to download the data before the expiration date shown on the receipt. The “box link” below the blue Download Data button allows you to access your data for up to 30 days. We strongly recommend keeping this email handy until you are certain you no longer need access to the data. 

How to Open the downloaded data

The files we send are ordinary zip files that can be opened using most computers including Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

They contain a file in CSV format which will open in Excel (if Excel is installed on your computer).  If you are downloading from the website, click on the zip file on your web browser screen. If you are downloading from one of the emails, a web browser window should open, showing the same zip file on your web browser screen:

Upon double-clicking on the zip file, the CSV file will then open in your Downloads folder.


From your Downloads folder, double-click on the CSV file. If you have Excel or a similar program installed, it should open automatically via Excel (or a similar program) as shown below. 



If you do not have Excel – you need to install a program that can open Excel files or use a cloud based program to open this file. 

Some free options are LibreOffice, iWork Numbers (works for anyone with an iCloud account) or Google Sheets (with your gmail account), 

Problems accessing the data you purchased?

Hundreds of our customers download these files without issue on a daily basis. 

However, if you are having issues downloading your data, please contact us by replying to your order email and let us know. 

We will not be able to provide tech support for issues that are specific to your personal computer or assistance with your internet connection, antivirus, firewalls blocking downloads, opening zip files or opening files in Excel, Excel issues, printing, emailing etc. 

You will have to contact your existing tech support to help you identify and fix those issues.

We are also not responsible for the business value this data provides you or lack thereof.

If you decide to contact us, please provide us with detailed and helpful notes and screenshots detailing the actions you attempted to open the files as well as any error messages you receive. Comments such as “it doesn’t download” or “it doesn’t work” are not helpful to us in helping you.

We will review your email and get back to you during regular business hours as soon as possible. We can only help with issues that are related to the files that we provide.